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Unique AI Cyber security & Streaming GPU based solution for Automotive and IoT industry

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AT Instruments is currently a NVIDIA inception company and a Blackberry QNX partner . And Soon to be joining Ontario's Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network. AVIN

Our Mission

Providing a State of the AI solutions to solve the most challenging issues for the Autonomous driving safety and security , Mobility as a service and Fleet management.

AT Instruments is one the first companies to harness the power of GPU’s capabilities to combine the AI anomaly detection , video live streaming and stream analytics to provide the ultimate Safety and Cybersecurity automotive and IOT fields.

AT Instruments possess a professional cyber security team , Automotive system engineers and Deep learning scientists having Decades of experience with the most of the most prestigious OEMs and Tier 1 Automotive suppliers.

Our main office is based at Cairo and soon at Ottwa, so stay tuned !

Autonomous instruments have two products both running on the same GPU

1- Cpyr : Intrusion detection system based on AI algorithms trained on Vehicle and driver behavior.

2- Eyedrive : Video and AI analytics streaming platform, With possibility to add GPS, OBD diagnostic data.

Having both running simultaneously, should provide a complete situational awareness for every vehicle or Edge device at a given fleet / factory or site .

Fusing computer vision along with deep packet inspection for vehicle's bus to provide a complete contextual understanding:
1- Driver Vehicle DNA , Detecting any driving behavioral change .
2- Prediction Collision warning, Based on events occurring inside and outside the Vehicle's cabin, and coaching the driver through dangerous situations .
3- Video online and on demand streaming for Insurance claims and fleet management.


a Mobile cloud solution for live video streaming serving Vehicles, trucks buses at Remote locations. Eyedrive is targeting MAAS, fleet management, and Ride-hailing services.

EYEDRIVE Mobile App :

Using the Eyedrive mobile app you can pick which car and all camera sensors will start streaming immediately at any event and will be stored in the cloud and you could broadcast the video any time on multiple devices simultaneously.


AI-based Zero time detection Car behavior anomalies, serving the fulfillment of the SOTIF safety standard and the prediction of unknown cybersecurity threats.


Moustafa ElBahaey


Amr Essam Eldin

Data scientist

Ahmed Ezzat

Chief data scientist

khaled Mohamed Gamal

Data scientist

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