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Key markets using the Smarter AI Camera Platform, today.

EYEDRIVE'S Smarter AI™ Camera Platform is designed to work on any camera. It excels on Wi-Fi, LTE & 5G cameras with Edge Inference. Here are some markets particularly suitable for our products:

Eye Drive

To remain competitive in today’s AI-fueled, always-on & ever-connected world, fleet operators demand solutions for real-time visibility and control over their fleets and drivers. With the expectation that fleet management solutions help them reduce cost & liabilities, automatically monitor and train their drivers, prevent theft and enforce compliance. Eyedrive is a cloud based Mobile solution for live video streaming serving Vehicles , trucks buses at Remote locations.

Targeting MAAS, fleet management and Ride-hailing services and individuals (B2C), Eyedrive is GPU empowered box that could provide AI capabilities to the live video stream .

Video telematics for fleets

Our platform provides a secure, real-time video telematic solution with edge inference on dashcams or any specialised video capture device used in fleet operations.

Video telematics for ride-hailing & taxis

Access live video, audio and data (gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer, environmental sensors, CAN bus) from your ride-hailing vehicles, at any time, from anywhere.

In-vehicle cameras

The EYEDRIVE platform is perfect for dashcams, as it combines continuous and event recording cloud storage to deliver the best possible video recording quality regardless of network interruptions.

Body cameras

EYEDRIVE supports manufacturers of wearable cameras in creating devices with guaranteed connections, high-resolution streaming, cloud recording/playback, computer vision, and hybrid-cloud analytics features.

AI Support

While the video is being live streamed or stored for video on demand, the GPU running as an IOT edge could be triggered over the cloud to run AI modules such as:

  1. Passenger / Driver Detection
  2. Pedestrian / Bicycles / Vehicles detection
  3. Plate detection and Plate number recognition
  4. Anomaly detection for vehicle and Driver behaviors == Model called Cpyr
  5. Real time Analytics visualization over the cloud